Molly Malone

Single Malt Whiskey, Alc./Vol.: 40%

2cl – 4,80 €

Aroma: Butterkekse und Vanille mit Anklängen von Kokosnuss und einem Hauch Eiche.
Geschmack: Süßlich und malzig mit Vanillenoten.
Abgang: Mittellang

Der Molly Malone Small Batch reifte in wiederbefüllten Bourbonfässern. Das Whiskey-Unternehmen Molly Malone wurde von Richard Lombard-Chibnall, dem Global Marketing Director des Familienunternehmens Lombard, gegründet. Das Unternehmen hält, reift und füllt seine eigenen Whiskys ab.

…We hand select the finest Irish malts and craft them in small batches to create a premium whiskey that’s light on the palate and deliciously sweet – just like our namesake Molly Malone.

Only the best Irish single malt and grains are married together, and we distil them according to Irish tradition.
We choose second fill bourbon casks (bourbon absorbing the coconut and vanilla tannins of the new wood) from the highest grade American oak (Quercus Alba) to enhance the flavour of the whiskey without overpowering the light character of the malt.

Embedded into the Irish DNA, Molly Malone is a legend of Irish folklore. You can hear her song spilling out of Dublin pubs – especially when there’s a national rugby match on. And there’s probably no better description of her than the lyrics to the song itself…

“In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone.”
– Song lyrics, Molly Malone